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Catherine Rowett

Catherine Rowett with Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.

South Norfolk candidate Catherine Rowett with Green Party MP Caroline Lucas.

Catherine Rowett is the Green Party’s parliamentary candidate for South Norfolk in 2017.

I stood in the General Election in 2015, and I am standing again in 2017. I live in Eaton, near the Norwich Research Park and I work at the University.

About me

After previous jobs in Liverpool and Swansea, I came to work at the University of East Anglia in 2003, initially commuting from Cambridge (where my husband and two daughters were based). Since 2009 I’ve been Norfolk resident. Following a state education (Berkshire and London), I read Classics at Cambridge, followed by a PhD in ancient philosophy. In those days university tuition, students’ living costs and university research were fully state funded, allowing able students to thrive, and keeping research free of corporate sponsorship: two vital conditions for freedom and trust, now largely eroded. During most of my career, educational institutions have been properly funded to undertake research freely and to nurture students in pure learning without government interference and with the measure of quality being academic excellence. These things (along with the funding of good transport systems, good health and social care systems, good housing and animal welfare) are now under threat, and the UK’s exit from the EU poses yet further threats to these and many other admirable aspects of British life that we have taken for granted ever since I was a child. We need to regain control of our country: to get it back from the conservative ideology that is destroying the fine and generous welfare, housing and education systems that made it the envy of the rest of the world.

I’m a practising Christian, and serve as an Authorised Worship Assistant at the Anglican Parish of St George Tombland. I’ve been active in assisting the Christian Greens group within the Green Party, and ensuring that Party policy recognises the close fit between Christian ideals (of generosity, care, welcome to strangers and those who are unloved), and those of the Green Party.

I stood as the Green Party Candidate in South Norfolk in 2015, and as a candidate in the County elections for Costessey in May 2017.

In my role as teacher and researcher, I’m used to reflecting on rival views, and wrestling with no-easy-answer cases. I welcome open-minded debate with constituents via e-mail, social media and meetings.

My political priorities:

I believe that South Norfolk urgently needs a Green future, and so does the UK more generally, for the sake of the planet, for the sake of the world, and for the sake of our country, which must not become a dependent satellite of Donald Trump’s America.

My priorities for the General Election in 2017 are

  • “Yes” to keeping our ties with Europe; “yes” to the rights of EU citizens resident in the UK.
  • “No” to tax evasion; “yes” to collaboration on global tax dodging.
  • “Yes” to clean energy; “no” to fracking.
  • “Yes” to full public funding of the NHS; “no” to privatisation.
  • “Yes” to funding for public transport, cycling and railways, but “no” to HS2 and “no” to more destructive dirty roads.

In South Norfolk many local problems stem from policies decided at Westminster: the Tories have caused a crisis in the NHS by draining its money into private companies’ profits and by year on year cuts to social care provision. In denial about their electoral fraud and their deceptive tactics leading up to the referendum, the Conservatives are insisting on a devastating divorce from the EU, spelling untold misery to farmers, small businesses, students, researchers, health-workers, low-income families, British people abroad, EU citizens working here, and just about every voter in this constituency. This must be stopped.

Further information can be found here: Position statements from the candidate on issues raised by consituents

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